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Football Trials in Asia

10 Jul 17

Football trials in Asia are easier to obtain than you think; and a professional contract could be waiting for you in the Far East. Football clubs across the continent need high-quality foreign football...

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Striker Training to Score Goals for Next Football Trials

6 Jul 17

On paper, strikers have a pretty simple job on the pitch, and that is to score goals. A goal scorer never goes out of fashion and that is why good strikers are so important to football clubs around the...

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Football Training Recovery: Get Your Body Rehydrated and Ready

3 Jul 17

It's the offseason for many football players, and for some, that means getting ready for their next trial or club preseason. Others - depending on where they play - are in the midst of a gruelling season....

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Spanish Football Trials

29 Jun 17

Spanish football trials are currently taking place and numerous players are taking part that we have placed with clubs across the country.

Just like other countries around the world, Spanish teams are...

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A Football CV is a Summertime Must

26 Jun 17

Every football player, no matter their age, should have a football CV if they take their game seriously. What does a football CV do? Well, it outlines where you have played, key skills, honours you have...

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3 Tips for Young Players at Next Football Trials

22 Jun 17

Teenagers seeking a football trial may have all the skills, speed and stamina needed to earn a contract or a spot at an academy. But those aren't the only areas that scouts and coaches look at when signing...

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Football Trialists Must be Mentally Tough

19 Jun 17

Football isn't just a game of physical skills and performance. Just as much physical, the game is mental, and without having the right psyche, football trialists will not make it.

When it comes to a...

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Tips for Young Football Players Interested in Football Trials

15 Jun 17

Parents of young football players are always interested in finding ways to get their children into a football club or academy. But just like young football players, parents are not sure how to secure...

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What are Football Scouts Looking for at trials: Technique

12 Jun 17

Football scouts have identified 99% of elite football players, according to reports, and the ability to find players for professional clubs is the main objective for each talent evaluator.

There are certain...

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How to Impress Coaches at Football Trials

8 Jun 17

You have waited to receive a trial with a professional football club or academy for years, it is what you have dreamt of since you first kicked a football. Now the big day is here, and you want to make...

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Football Trial Preparation: Tips to Get Signed

6 Jun 17

Football trial preparation is very important, and whether you are getting ready to train with a professional squad, academy team or semi-professional outfit, you have got a lot to do to be ready. Depending...

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European Football Trials

1 Jun 17

Finding a football club in Europe may not be as difficult as you think. Premier Football UK's European arm, Premier Football Euro, has spent the last few years creating links with a number of clubs throughout...

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