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Football fitness: Do you cover the distance of a Premier League player?

9 Oct 17

Football fitness is one of the most important aspects of a player's game. You may have great ball skills, but coaches will see through your game if your fitness isn't up to scratch. At a football trial,...

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Jack Harrison: Role model for young football players

5 Oct 17

Jack Harrison is a name many may not know. The 20-year-old is currently playing for Major League Soccer team New York City FC. But Harrison has roots in England and once dreamed of playing for Manchester...

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Preventing Knee injuries in football – Part 1

2 Oct 17

Knee injuries in football are one of the most common injuries players experience. According to, knee injuries are often found in young players. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a tendon...

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Kylian Mbappe: From failed Chelsea trial to turning down Real Madrid

25 Sep 17

When the 2016-17 French football season started, Kylian Mbappe was not a player expected to crack Monaco's first team starting XI. In less than 12 months, the striker became the most sought after young...

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Parents and players must beware of promises from football agents

22 Sep 17

Every year, thousands of young football players are signed to contracts by football agents who make promises of fame and fortune. A large number of agents are able to facilitate players gaining trials...

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Ways to improve your chances of becoming a professional football player – Part 1

18 Sep 17

Natural talent is always important when anyone attempts to become a professional football player. However, that is not the only thing that players need to be successful. Yes, talent does go a long way...

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Successful Football Players: 3 Players Who Found Success After Years of Struggle

11 Sep 17

Becoming a successful football player doesn't happen over night. Although there are those football players like Paul Pogba and Delle Alli who turn heads at a young age, and quickly become overnight sensations,...

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Football tips: How do small players get the best of big opponents?

7 Sep 17

Football is a great game as small players are able to compete on the same level as much bigger opponents. Unlike other sports like basketball, rugby or American football, footballers don't need to be...

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Football trials are learning experiences for young players

4 Sep 17

All young players want to attend a football trial and get signed right away. That doesn't always happen, and goalkeeper Matt Perrella is a great example of a player who has worked hard for every opportunity....

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Is it too late for a club football trial?

28 Aug 17

The summer in Europe is nearly over, and young football players around the globe are thinking the same thing: is it too late for a club football trial?

The answer to this much asked question is, no. The...

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Want to improve ball skills? Try futsal

25 Aug 17

We've all heard of futsal, and many of us have probably tried the game. Many compare the fast-paced game to 5-a-side, but there are elements that are a different. There are those coaches and players that...

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Interview: Chattanooga FC General Manager Sean McDaniel

22 Aug 17

Football, or soccer, in the United States continues to grow each year. From the top-flight of Major League Soccer to the regional leagues that dot the country, soccer has found a home in the US after decades...

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