A Football CV is a Summertime Must

Every football player, no matter their age, should have a football CV if they take their game seriously. What does a football CV do? Well, it outlines where you have played, key skills, honours you have received and your best positions.

A football CV is the first thing that a professional club wants to see, and if you can make a good impression, they will invite you to a trial. Without a football CV, they have no idea who you are or what you can offer them. Which means you both miss out.

Now that summer is hear in the northern hemisphere and the top European leagues are on a holiday break, it is vital that players seeking clubs for next season get a CV created now.

This is the time of year that clubs, no matter what the size or league, begin looking for new players that can improve their squad. Whether you have never played for a professional team before or you are simply looking for a new club, having a CV coaches and sporting directors can view enhances your opportunity at a professional career.

Creating a football CV is easy, and Premier Football UK can build one for any football player based on their career. Your CV will be sent to thousands of clubs once it has been created, giving you the best chance to receive a trial with a team. Every trial starts out with a CV being sent to a club, and just like a job, you will be called in for an interview. Only your interview will be a chance to impress on the pitch.

Not only can having a CV at this time of year help you get signed, but remember that clubs are looking for specific player types and positions. If your information can get into the right hands, it can be passed on to an interested club.

Summertime is here and teams are looking for new players. Don’t get caught without a CV that can get you off the bench and onto the pitch with a professional football club.