European Football Trial: Accommodation

You have got you football CV completed, that is step one. Now football clubs across Europe are looking at your CV, and your chances of a European football trial now hinge on whether they like your playing history.

Luckily, some clubs are interested and love your background. They are looking for a player just like you and it is time for your European football trial adventure to begin. So, what next?

Once arriving in the city where the trial will take place, players will be taken to their accommodation. Many of the football players that go on trial stay with host families who look after them. The chance to interact and live with a host family not only helps players feel welcome, but it enables them to relax. A host family can create a family atmosphere that brings out the best in the young football player, allowing them to focus on their game during the European football trial. Host families not only cook meals and look after football players, but they take them to training. Many trialists feel the host families are like second parents.

While some trialists will stay with host families, others will have the opportunity to stay in accommodation provided by and overseen by the club. Stay in the club’s accommodation is a great way to get to know many of the other players who are trialling. It is also a chance to get to know the atmosphere around the club. Both types of accommodation are great experiences, but each offers something different.

After getting settled with a host family, it is time to prepare for your football trial. Players may get the opportunity to experience personalised, individual training to help them prepare and improve. When the training sessions begin, players will get the opportunity to play with footballers from around the world, and many of the players Premier Football UK has worked with have spoken about the high level talent training.

A football trial can not only be a great playing experience, but an adventure full of great new places and people.