Striker Training to Score Goals for Next Football Trials

On paper, strikers have a pretty simple job on the pitch, and that is to score goals. A goal scorer never goes out of fashion and that is why good strikers are so important to football clubs around the world. Strikers are typically the most expensive players that a club will buy. That is why honing your goal scoring abilities during striker training is a must.

Work with Wingers

One of the best ways that a striker can improve their eye for goal is to work with wingers in training sessions. The wide players can put in crosses to you to meet on the run. You may be attempting to out manoeuvre a defender and must judge how to approach the cross. Working in this manner during striker training will also improve your anticipation and reaction to a ball played in to the 18-yard box.

Train Like a Game

It sounds like a cliche, but it is very true, players should train like it is a match. By getting yourself into the right mindset during training, you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next match.

Two Feet are Better than One

How often do you see professional football players only able to use one foot in a match? It happens more often than you think, so watch closely next time you turn on a Premier League match. To be a good striker and to catch the eyes of scouts, coaches and sporting directors at a trial, you have got to show you are able to use two feet. Not only must you be able to pass and receive the ball with both feet, but you have to prove you are able to shoot with both your left and right. Every striker training session should see you practising with both feet to pass, receive, dribble and shoot. The more adapt you are at using both feet, the better off you will be at your next football trial.

By adding these tips to your football locker, you will improve you chances of getting that professional contract or making your local club.