Football Training Recovery: Get Your Body Rehydrated and Ready

It’s the offseason for many football players, and for some, that means getting ready for their next trial or club preseason. Others – depending on where they play – are in the midst of a gruelling season. Wherever you play and no matter if it is the offseason or preseason, it is extremely important to take care of your body. If you don’t, you run the risk of breaking down and missing out on that important football trial or contract you dream of obtaining. Football training recovery is one of the most important, and often overlooked, items a player can do to improve on their fitness.

By completing a proper football training recovery regime after a demanding 90 minute match or excruciating training session, players can prevent injury and fatigue. When the temperature rises, it is also important to complete a football training recovery session. A thorough cool down will enable the muscles to shut off properly and once again will help prevent injury from happening.

Prepare Your Body

One of the best ways to get yourself ready for the rigours of a football match is to train in the same demanding way. Players should try to replicate match conditions as much as they can. This will help their bodies become used to the stress of a game.

Refuel Your Body

Following a match – or training session – it is important to refuel your body. This puts valuable fluids and nutrients back that were lost through sweat. One of the most recommended drinks that can be consumed after a match is not a sports drink, but a chocolate milk drink. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive workout supplement, as simple chocolate milk provides protein and carbs to the body. Add some green vegetables and salad to your meal at least two hours after a game or training session to maximise fluid and nutrient in take.

Refresh Your Body

If you have just played a match or experienced a training session in warm temperatures, an cold ice bath is great for the muscles. An ice bath will get rid of the aches and pains. It will also leave you feeling awake and refreshed. If you can’t stand the cold from an ice bath, stand in the shower with the water on cold. Letting it run over your body will limit aches and pains. It will also decrease your core temperature, allowing you to stop sweating.

Reactive Your Training

When you get back to training on that day after a match, be sure to take a dip in a swimming pool or spend 30 minutes cycling on a stationary bike. This will stretch the leg muscles out and get the blood to flow to them. By not running, you will prevent your joints from taking a pounding, thus allowing them to recover.

By completing some football training recovery, you increase the chance of your body being fit and ready for your next football trial, match or training session.