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Do pro footballers wear boots with metal studs?

30 Sep 21

You may not realise it, but professional footballers wear boots with metal studs. The average boots amateur and youth players purchase at local sports stores are rubber studded boots. However, professional...

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When did football shin guards become mandatory?

22 Sep 21

Football shin guards are a mandatory piece of kit for players of all ages to wear. However, shin pads were not always a piece of kit that players had to wear. There are images of playing greats from the...

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Football Rebooted: Recycle campaign launched for old football boots

22 May 21

What do you do with your old football boots? You may keep them in a closet or pass them onto a younger sibling. Regardless of what you may do with your old football boots, most players tend to toss them...

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Player football boot contracts: how do they work?

25 Apr 21

Every week, you watch your favourite footballer wear a pair of Nike, New Balance, Puma, Adidas, or another brand of football boots. Many players sign boot contracts with sportswear companies, but what...

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Football boots: Which type of footplate should you wear?

29 Mar 21

With summer in England and the rest of the northern hemisphere just around the corner, we thought it was a great time to look at football boots once more. More accurately, it is a great time to look at...

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Best football boots for 2019

17 Sep 19

The football season has just got underway for many players. A new football season not only means putting on a new kit but new football boots as well. Boots no longer come in only black or white. Over the...

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Football boots: What are the differences between SG, HG, and FG football boots?

8 Jul 19

Football boots come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Boots come in different types and players need to know the difference between the various kinds they can buy.

Football boots are not just about...

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Football foot health: Your feet are vital to your success

25 Feb 19

A footballer's best tool is his or her feet. It is the feet that make most passes and shots, keep a player moving, and takes the brunt of tackles from opponents. Football foot health is vital.

The feet...

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Football boots: what’s on your feet?

27 Feb 18

Football boots are one of the key components of any player's kit. Without good football boots, a player won't be able to compete on a level playing field against opponents. Poor quality boots could even...

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The most iconic football boots ever made

18 Dec 17

Football boots are no longer just football boots. They are pieces of art that players wear on their feet. The days of black boots being worn by every player is gone, and most footballers, from the professional...

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