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3 Goalkeeping practices YOU can do at home

22 Jun 21

Want to be a better goalkeeper? Try these goalkeeper practices at home.

Goalkeeping is a unique position in football. There is only one goalkeeper on the pitch for a team at a time. It is a position...

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Can footballers wear a baseball cap during a match?

20 Jun 21

You may have noticed goalkeepers wearing baseball caps during matches to shield their eyes from sunlight. But did you know that an outfield player is permitted to wear cap during games? Of course, they...

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European Championship’s most iconic moments

14 Jun 21

The Euro 2020 tournament is being played around Europe this summer. The tournament was postponed last summer but is now being played with fans in the grounds to cheer for their national teams.


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Mindful meditation for athletes

8 Jun 21

Due to a focus on mental health over the last few years, mindfulness has become a buzzword used in all walks of life. Mindfulness has even made its way over to the sports world as a way for athletes to...

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Pro tips to improve your football abilities

3 Jun 21

For some players, it is now the offseason for football. You may be ready for a long break to relax and recover. But while you put football on the back burner for a few weeks, there are players working...

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How to play football with confidence

27 May 21

How can you become more confident as a footballer? Firstly, you must understand that confidence begins with you. The best footballers in the world such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo believe in...

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Football Rebooted: Recycle campaign launched for old football boots

22 May 21

What do you do with your old football boots? You may keep them in a closet or pass them onto a younger sibling. Regardless of what you may do with your old football boots, most players tend to toss them...

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Can new tech company Playmaker change the way football is played?

17 May 21

Over the last few years, we have seen a variety of new technological advances in football to help teams and players to improve. One of the latest entrants to the football tech arena is the Playmaker company....

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Ajax melt Eredivisie trophy to make incredible gift for fans

12 May 21

Ajax have decided to share their latest Eredivisie title with their supporters in a unique way. The club recently wrapped up the 2020-21 Eredivisie championship and will now give an incredible gift to...

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5 strangest transfers in football history: We don’t want cash, just some sausage meat!

9 May 21

The most tantalizing transfers in modern football tend to centre around massive transfer fees. However, large financial fees are not the only ways players move clubs. There have been some incredibly strange...

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Will Lionel Messi sign a new 10-year Barcelona contract?

2 May 21

Lionel Messi is on the cusps of being the most desired free agent in football history. The Barcelona forward is out of contract in the summer with teams such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain...

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What is the new UEFA Conference League?

28 Apr 21

Have you heard of the new UEFA Conference League? If you haven't, don't worry as it seems to have been missed by a lot of people. The all-new tournament from UEFA will kick off during the 2021-22 season....

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