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Do pro footballers wear boots with metal studs?

30 Sep 21

You may not realise it, but professional footballers wear boots with metal studs. The average boots amateur and youth players purchase at local sports stores are rubber studded boots. However, professional...

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Banned kits: Cameroon’s banned football kits

26 Sep 21

It isn't often that FIFA bans a football kit. In the case of Cameroon, the country's national team has two banned football kits. Both are incredibly memorable nonetheless.

In the late 1990s and early...

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When did football shin guards become mandatory?

22 Sep 21

Football shin guards are a mandatory piece of kit for players of all ages to wear. However, shin pads were not always a piece of kit that players had to wear. There are images of playing greats from the...

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How to save a penalty

19 Sep 21

Penalties are a part of football and goalkeepers must train regularly to be adept at stopping spot-kicks. Penalties are the perfect time for a goalkeeper to shine. By stepping up to the moment, a goalkeeper...

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How to take the perfect corner kick

13 Sep 21

Did you know the average 90-minute football match has 11 corner kicks? The perfect corner kick can be a team's secret weapon and allow a weaker team to defeat a stronger side. Remember the 2013 FA Cup...

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The Back Pass: A completely different world of football

6 Sep 21

Before 1992, football players could pass the ball back to the goalkeeper allowing the shot-stopper to pick up the ball with their hands. Now, nearly 30 years on from the back pass rule change, it is difficult...

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What attributes are need to be a successful professional football player?

1 Sep 21

Millions of young football players dream of getting a professional contract one day. Unfortunately, the reality is that most kids will never be offered a professional football contract. Moreover, many...

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Are Puma’s new third kits the worst ever in football?

22 Aug 21

Early this week, shoe and sportswear giant, Puma, launched the third kits for some of the clubs within its stable of football teams. The kits were not what most fans would have expected and many supporters...

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Elliott Nevitt: From carpet cleaner to professional footballer

17 Aug 21

On Tuesday night, 10 August, Elliott Nevitt scored his first goal for League Two club Tranmere Rovers against Oldham Athletic in the Carabao Cup. Nevitt's story is one of not giving up to reach your dreams....

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Breaking down Lionel Messi’s new PSG contract

12 Aug 21

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Lionel Messi has joined Paris Saint-Germain on a massive new contract following his Barcelona expert. Messi isn't set to play for PSG until...

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Jack Grealish becomes Britain’s transfer-record signing for Manchester City

7 Aug 21

This past week, Aston Villa sold midfielder Jack Grealish to Manchester City for a British transfer record £100 million. The deal was an incredible one for Aston Villa, who got the deal completed by August...

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What is the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch?

5 Aug 21

We have previously written about wearable technology and football on the blog. Wearables are becoming more popular in football. Professionals have long used wearable smart technology to gauge performance....

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