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football drink


22 Mar 22

Footballers drink
As a footballer, there is no doubt that 45/90 minutes of playing on the field can take a lot out of the body...

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Pre-Season Training in Germany

Pre-Season Training in Germany

17 Mar 22

Preseason Training in Germany
Pre- Season Training in Germany:
Pre-season training, I hear someone ask. What is that all about? Well, many people think sport, especially football, is all about competitive...

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Virtual Reality In Football

VIRTUAL REALITY IN FOOTBALL: How does it impact the Sport?

12 Mar 22

Football Trials , Virtual Reality

Football has become a global sport that interests both the young and the old all over the world. It has become more competitive as two...

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Worlds best defensive midfielder

World’s Best Defensive Midfielder

9 Mar 22

Top 8 world's best defensive midfielder

N'Golo Kante

N'Golo Kanté , born 29 March, 1991 is a French professional footballer and Chelsea FC defensive midfielder who is dynamic and disciplined.He...

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Chelsea Academy

Chelsea Academy

4 Mar 22

Chelsea Academy

Chelsea Academy is also known as the Cobham Training Centre. It is the training ground for Chelsea Football club which is located at 64, Stoke Road, Stoke D' Abernon, Cobham, Surrey...

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women's footbal in England

Women’s Football in England

26 Feb 22

Women's Football in England Taking a Look at all you Need to to Know about Women's Football Trials.

Taking a Look at all you Need to to Know about Women's Football Trials
A lot of people will agree...

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Are Footballers Fit Compared to Others? – A Comparison

2 Feb 22

Who is the most fit? Footballers? Cyclists? Players of rugby? It isn't easy to quantify because each sport requires a unique ability. However, one thing is for certain that you can combine the strengths...

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How To Get Fit for Football ?

31 Jan 22

Football is a very physical sport; it demands high efforts from the Player, and to play the game, one has to be physically and mentally fit. Playing Football is not all about brute force, but it...

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Who Is the Best Defender in The Premier League Now – Top 8 ?

29 Jan 22

The Premier League features numerous excellent defenders who can compete with the best defenders in the world. So here are our top 8 Premier League defenders this season? The greatest Premier League defenders'...

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A Brief History of Womens Football in Spain

25 Jan 22


Womens Football in Spain isn't yet one of the most popular sports of women as it has smaller popularity. Even though soccer is the most popular game in Spain, football for men typically...

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All You Need to Know About Manchester City Academy

21 Jan 22

The Manchester City Academy was built on investing in young footballers and giving them the network, training, health, as well as lifestyle advice they need to make it in the game. It's the best way...

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Best Modern Midfielder – Top 8 In the World Right Now

18 Jan 22

It's not simple to rate the top modern midfielder of the twenty-first century. We've seen a lot of midfield maestros ever since the turn of the 21st century, and even though they all are playing football...

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