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Who are the world’s highest paid women’s footballers?

5 Oct 20

Women's football has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now, Europe's top clubs have women's teams competing in domestic competitions and the UEFA Women's Champions League. There is still...

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How are Bayern Munich’s players super-human fit?

28 Sep 20

Bayern Munich won the German Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League in 2019-20. They followed up their treble of trophies by winning the UEFA Super Cup.

One of the biggest differences between Bayern...

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95% of football transfers begin with ‘tapping up’

21 Sep 20

The phrase 'tapping up' is often used to describe how a football club approaches a player. The phrase is thrown around quite often and according to reports, it occurs in 95% of transfers.
What is tapping...

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Who is on the Forbes richest footballer 2020 list?

17 Sep 20

Barcelona's Lionel Messi is football's second billionaire after officially pushing his pre-tax career earnings to more than $1 billion according to financial experts Forbes. Messi is the second footballer...

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What is a Bosman Transfer and who was Jean-Marc Bosman?

13 Sep 20

You may hear football pundits use the phrase "Bosman Transfer" when talking about player moves. While it is a term that is used often, you may not realise what Bosman Transfer means or where the term comes...

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Why do footballers have financial difficulties?

8 Sep 20

Football players, especially those in the top five leagues in Europe, earn more money than ever. In the Premier League alone, players earn millions of pounds a year. The division's top-paid player, David...

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What is a football transfer?

31 Aug 20

Transfers are talked about ad nauseam in the football world and there is always speculation about players move clubs. Transfers happen every year as there are two windows that allow the major leagues around...

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What is a football testimonial match?

25 Aug 20

You may hear television football pundits talk about football testimonial matches, but it may not be clear just what the game is or entails. A football testimonial match is a fixture that is played to honour...

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3 Ways the 1970 World Cup changed football

19 Aug 20

The 1970 World Cup in Mexico is fondly remembered by football fans and historians. It was a watershed moment in many ways for the sport and truly ushered it into the modern era. There were some very unique...

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UFC star makes “significant” donation to childhood football club

14 Aug 20

Conor McGregor is worth an estimated £38 million. The UFC star has been in the octagon with some of the toughest mixed martial arts fighters in the world. Now, McGregor has made a donation to his childhood...

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What are expected goals (xG)?

11 Aug 20

If you are a football fan of a certain generation -- or player -- the most important stat for you to judge a player on is goals. However, football is incredibly unique and very different than other sports...

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Premier League’s once-youngest player: What happened to Matthew Briggs?

8 Aug 20

In May 2019, Harvey Elliott made his Premier League debut for Fulham. Elliott was just 16-years, 30-days old when he made his debut for the Cottagers. The winger completed a transfer to Liverpool shortly...

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