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Player football boot contracts: how do they work?

25 Apr 21

Every week, you watch your favourite footballer wear a pair of Nike, New Balance, Puma, Adidas, or another brand of football boots. Many players sign boot contracts with sportswear companies, but what...

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Would football attract new fans with shorter matches?

21 Apr 21

On Wednesday, April 21, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez made a bold claim. He stated that the length of football matches should be reduced from 90 minutes. Perez argued that younger football fans...

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What is the most valuable football trading card?

17 Apr 21

If you are from North America, you will have grown up in a culture in which baseball, basketball, and American football trading cards are popular. Not only are they collected by sports-loving kids, but...

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Should you shoot from long-range?

14 Apr 21

The rise of football analytics has led to one important -- okay many -- change in the world of soccer. It is now rare to see players take long-range shots in games. Around 20 years ago, it was common to...

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Have modern footballers played for club and country on the same day?

10 Apr 21

If you look at the football calendar today, you will find that it is quite congested with fixtures. Modern footballers travel all over the world in the span of a few days to play matches for both club...

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What is a sporting director in football?

5 Apr 21

You may often hear the term "sporting director " used in connection with football teams. The role is a very specific one and often found in continental Europe. In Germany, the role of a sports director...

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Football boots: Which type of footplate should you wear?

29 Mar 21

With summer in England and the rest of the northern hemisphere just around the corner, we thought it was a great time to look at football boots once more. More accurately, it is a great time to look at...

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Wear your socks like a pro: Four ways to wear your football socks

20 Mar 21

Football socks are an important part of a player's kit. Without socks, your kit isn't complete and according to the laws of the game, you need socks to play. There are multiple ways to wear your football...

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How to be a sweeper-keeper — positioning

16 Mar 21

Goalkeepers are simply not players who stop shots at the goal these days. Modern goalkeepers must play outside of the penalty area as well as inside it. Modern goalkeepers must receive back-passes and...

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The Ronaldo “chop”

13 Mar 21

Cristiano Ronaldo is renowned as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has revolutionised the game in multiple ways. From training and physical preparation to the skills and techniques, he has...

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Champions League revamp set for 2024

10 Mar 21

With talk of Europe's elite football clubs ready to leave UEFA and start their own Americanised continental Super League that would see many of the same clubs compete in the competition each year, the...

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Football Weak Foot: The skill that will improve your football the most is the one that you are weakest on

7 Mar 21

There is one football skill above all others that needs to be worked on. It is the obvious skill that you ignore every time you go to training or play in matches. You even ignore it at home dribbling the...

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