What happened to David Beckham’s three sons’ football careers?

David Beckham is one of the three most famous football players on the planet. Despite retiring in 2013 and becoming part-owner of Inter Miami CF and Salford City, Beckham is remembered fondly by football fans for his playing days. Since leaving his active career behind, many fans eagerly anticipated Beckham’s three sons moving into the professional football arena.

The ex-Manchester United player’s sons have had highs and lows in football and have long been in the limelight. So, what happened to Beckham’s three sons and their football careers?

Brooklyn Beckham

The oldest of the Beckham brothers, Brooklyn got to play football in the Los Angeles Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain youth academies. Now 20-years old, Brooklyn had the chance to play with Arsenal but was released from the club in 2015 after not making the grade.

Brooklyn impressed the Arsenal academy coaches but was considered not advanced enough for his age. After being released, Brooklyn stopped playing football and moved into a modelling career.

Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham followed a similar path to his older brother. Romeo quit playing football around the same time that Brooklyn was released by Arsenal. According to David, Romeo one day decided football wasn’t for him anymore resulting in him leaving the sport behind. Like Brooklyn, Romeo has modelled along with showing an interest in tennis rather than football.

Cruz Beckham

It was believed that the youngest boy in the Beckham family, Cruz, would be the football star. He played and trained with Arsenal’s youth teams although it was never known if he was actually a part of the club’s academy.

Cruz is now 14 and it is believed a music career is on his horizon. The celebrity kid has made a number of contacts already with music moguls and it is likely he will follow in his mother’s footsteps rather than his dad’s.

That may leave one Beckham, eight-year-0ld Harper, to become a professional footballer. Perhaps it would only be fitting that she would bend it like Beckham one day and become a star player.

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