Football foot health: Your feet are vital to your success

A footballer’s best tool is his or her feet. It is the feet that make most passes and shots, keep a player moving, and takes the brunt of tackles from opponents. Football foot health is vital.

The feet are always in the line of danger and they can take a beating in training and matches. The likes of Neymar have experienced broke bones in recent seasons while other players have suffered ligament or cartilage damage.

Others have had painfully broken toes, painful black toenails, and other foot issues that have sidelined them. Even if players haven’t been sidelined, they have at least experienced living with ugly, beaten up feet.

Football Foot Health – How do foot issues occur?

Leading experts claim one of the main reasons footballers have beaten up feet is due to the boots they wear. Many footballers today do not wear properly fitting boots. Players often choose tight boots that are a size too small. These rub the feet and cause blisters, callouses, or toes to turn black.

Modern boots don’t protect feet like the footwear of the past. A player can get stepped on and today’s flimsy boots cause injury.

Foot issues can be the catalyst for other injuries. A player could walk or run differently forcing them to put weight elsewhere thus causing more injury problems to other parts of the body.

Football Foot Health – How to take care of your feet

There is no one size fits all plan to prevent foot injuries. Many foot injuries are part and parcel of the game. Players kick, tackle, and run for 90 minutes. Therefore, the feet take a beating. But there are ways to improve football foot health.

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Athletes foot is one issue that can occur. The irritating fungal disease can be passed around the dressing room. So, players should wear shower slippers when in the dressing room. Feet should be washed and dried to keep fungus from growing.

Some players add foot conditioner or lotion to rub on the skin to improve the health of the feet.

Experts also claim the right socks can stop injuries from occurring. In some cases, socks can absorb the punishment the feet take.

Finally, boots are important in preventing injury. Having the correct size and style can prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Players need to take care of their feet because their feet take care of them. A player’s feet can provide them with all the riches in the world, therefore, football foot health is vital for success.