You are not going to get signed after professional trials if you are negative

You are not going to get signed after professional trials if you are negative
You are not going to get signed after professional trials if you are negative


Positive behavior and a positive attitude towards any walk of life are essential and are sometimes considered a vital part. Let’s talk about this scenario for a game or sport such as Football. We will arrive at a point where we can say that showing your positive side of the game is very important, especially if you are going for a trial session. If you are opposing or showing a negative attitude toward your fellow players or anyone who’s a part of the game, then there are more chances for you not to get signed up by the selection team. Below are listed some of the factors that are linked with having a positive attitude towards the game.

Why is it important to have a positive attitude in your trials?

Experienced coaches understand that skills and stamina can be taught. A player’s mindset must always come from within, as nobody wants to work with a person with a negative attitude or mindset. Having a positive attitude towards the game and the people playing it can tell a lot about a person as to how that person will be in the future.


So you must show a desire to work hard, devote yourself, and leave all on the pitch. They are searching for someone to help the squad achieve its goals on and off the field. Compete with a warm smile, be energetic, and give your all to the team. If you make a mistake, give it your all to correct it by coming back and making it difficult for the person who’s playing against you. With this, you’ll be sure to impress at your trial. In this way, it is more likely to happen that you will be selected at your trial session.

Why should you listen to the trial’s coach to get selected?


Assessing how a player reacts to instructions and learns is integral to coach recruitment. The most excellent approach to demonstrate this to a potential coach is to be alert, focused, and attentive to all information. After you’ve digested the instructions, explain what they’ve asked for in real-game scenarios. This will emphasize your dedication to learning. Also, if you listen to your coach carefully and do all the necessary stuff according to the instructions, chances are that you will be chosen because everyone wants to work with a person who not just tells but listens as well. This should also be kept in mind that the coach is there for a reason and has the expertise to teach you what is right and what is not. It all depends on how you depict yourself on the trial ground.

Why arriving on time with a positive attitude at the club is significant?

Timing is fundamental! You’ll want to arrive early so you can take in your surroundings, relax, and do some light stretching. This will allow you to visually organize your trial and possibly meet any recruiters before the other trialists or players arrive. It also shows your enthusiasm and passion for the game that you arrived early at the venue, which in return, offers to the coaches and the recruiters that you are into the game more than anyone.

Why should you be familiarized with the team’s and coaches’ viewpoints?

Try to adapt as much as possible about the squad you’re trialing for. It’s critical to understand their playing style and the type of player the club seeks. From the under-9s to the first squad, a team’s attitude is frequently the same. As a result, observing the professional team, particularly players in your position, will provide insight into what they demand before you arrive. Getting familiar with your fellow competitors and seeing how they play on the ground and then working accordingly will help you have a spot on the field. However, it is necessary to do all this with a positive attitude and not interpret the fact that only “You” is here to play and get selected.

Why is being physically present and prepared for the trials important for selection?

Being physically fit is very important for the selection process as your physical fitness is the key indicator if you can play the sport or not. To achieve that, you must focus on your physical fitness. Get to the gym and make some sprints. To gain an advantage over your competitors on the day, you must enhance your flexibility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, strength, and acceleration. Foot speed, straight-line speed, and speed endurance should all be given special care. Recruiting teams may frequently select a player based only on athletic ability, believing that technical skills can be enhanced in training.




In a nutshell, a player is only considered “a player” if he has all the skills and tactics with positive behavior and a clear mindset. If you know about every single detail of any game or sport and have the best techniques and skills to nail it out. Yet, if you lack sportsmanship and good behavior, then not a single human being would like to work with you because of positive attitude and excellent body language comes first before anything else, and so the same happens in trials.