Professional Players – The Modern Player off the Pitch

Professional Players – The Modern Player off the Pitch

Social media is a part of a professional footballers daily routine now. Premier Football UK was established 8 years ago and during this time we have seen some big changes in the game on and off the pitch. Social media is a great way to see players daily lives from all levels.

The majority of professional players stick to the same platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to to be firmly established within the football industry with Snap Chat close behind.

How can social media help younger players?

The internet has provided instant information to people all over the world. This includes football related topics that can improve you as a player. There is videos on instagram giving tips on eating correctly, preparing right, drills, injury prevention exercises, gym sessions and much more. This is great for players aspiring to be footballers and some of the info attached to the videos is extremely beneficial. With Twitter you can also get some links to in-depth information and drills. Links to videos that coaches are doing from all over the world. Facebook often has live sessions. Football is in tune with the modern world where rapid information is key. It helps keep players in touch with players, coaches, scouts, agents and decision makers within the game.

What can you do?

A daily diary and scheduling are often routines all successful people have. Footballers are no different. Record gym activities and how much football you are doing. Identify areas of your game that you need to improve and build it into your diary. Matt Sheldo from the states is a professional soccer player for Saint Louis. His videos are a mix of instructional how-to guides and vlogs, where he gives a rare behind the scenes look into the life of a professional soccer player.

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