Prepare for the summer offseason with a new football CV

The football season in many countries is coming to an end. Although many leagues will play over the summer months in the northern hemisphere, other leagues in countries like England, Germany and Spain will be taking off. The offseason is the perfect time for you to gain a trial with a football club. But what you must do now in the lead up to the offseason is to get a professionally designed football CV created.

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Why is a football CV so important?

Well, in the modern era of football, the CV is your introduction to a club. No longer do scouts and coaches scour the countryside watching youth or non-league football match after football match. Scouts and coaches use CVs and word of mouth to learn about the best unseen talent. Even players who play for clubs already, but want to play for a new team or in a new league will need a CV to gain a trial.

Previously we wrote about American football (err… soccer) player Bobby Warshaw. The player, who was too afraid to go on trial with larger clubs, always played it safe wherever he went. Warshaw would have needed a CV to attract the interest of teams outside of the United States. Therefore, regardless of the level you play at, you will most likely need a football CV to gain a trial with another club and to grow in the game.

A football CV is the most important document a player can have created, regardless of age. It will give those you hope to impress all the important information they need to know about you.

Once you have your football CV, you can begin sending out your documents to coaches and scouts. Hopefully, you will hear back from the teams and clubs you contact. These clubs could send a scout or coach out to watch you play a match before offering you a trial. Other times, a club may offer you a trial solely based on your football CV.

A football CV is a vital document a football player cannot afford to miss out on. Take the first step to gaining a trial by getting a professionally made football CV created by Premier Football UK, today.

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