10 Football Trial Tips

10 Football Trial Tips

Before we start i think its important to make the reader aware this is not the ultimate guide to trials, its just a bit of advice to stuff we have provided to you in the past. Any football trial is hard but its important to realise that there are reasons why you are on trial and not signed. You need to be better than you have been in the past.

  1. Always maintain a high level of fitness
  2. Know your position, the roles and responsibilities
  3. Work hard – what is the alternative
  4. Show what you can do but do not show off
  5. Know what scouts, agents or other club representatives are looking for
  6. React to mistakes but be smart, do not try to over cook it in a football trial, clubs are not expecting a player of Messi calibre to be there
  7. Eat correctly and rehydrate appropriately.  This is before during and after the trials https://www.premierfootballuk.com/uk-football-trials/
  8. Try yo take opinion out of the game, if you are a striker score goals, if you are a defender keep clean sheets.
  9. Warm up properley, make sure you are ready and if you need to do a little extra do it
  10. Prepare the night before your football trial. Image what you are going to do, run it through your mind

This is just the start

Your football trial is very important to you and each player wants to stand out. It seems the most manageable thing is preparing. You may have a bad game or get injured but there is no excuse not to eat, sleep and hydrate properly. All the information is out there wether its on social media or on other blogs. Be prepared and organised and make sure you deliver on the day of your football trial and come away with no regrets

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