Working smart to be ready for your professional football trials

Working smart to be ready for your professional football trials
Working smart to be ready for your professional football trials


A top strategy that is always considered a number one priority by almost everyone is working smart rather than hard. Some people think that working smart has more advantages than working in a way that requires more effort and hard work. The same principle can be applied to any field of work; whether you’re studying in a college or university, working in an organization, or even playing some game or sports, working smarter is always better than working harder.


Talking about the sports scenario, we all are aware that these days, Football is one of the most famous sports all across the globe. It is the kind of sport that is being talked about almost everywhere in the world, and so are those who are playing it. Everyone wants to be a part of this sport. However, learning some professional skills and tactics for you to be ready for professional football trials can be a thing. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips and techniques that you can attain if you wish to be ready for your football trials.

Having the technical ability to master the ball

The number one thing, as the name indicates, is not that just because you know football, people will accept you to be in the trial sessions based on that parameter. That is not quite the case. Having the technical ability to control the ball and having a good skill-set like shooting, passing, dribbling, tackling, and heading. Although the value of each skill changes depending on your position, it is doubtful that you will get scouted if you do not have great touch or technical ability.


Some players are born with greater natural aptitude than others in this area. However, the best part is that, like any skill, the practice may significantly increase. The common fault that is usually pointed out has a weak foot. If your weak foot, either left or right, is not up to the desired level, chances are that you’re not likely to get selected for the trial. So mastering these skills first and then attempting to contact a club to get selected will be an excellent choice to go for.  

Be a part of open football trials 

One of the best strategies to have the best football skills is to be a part of the football trials organized in every corner of the world. The primary aim of these trials is to give a try to the footballers in search of a club to showcase their skills.


In the United Kingdom, several groups conduct similar trials and tournaments, where recruits from clubs of all levels attend. AG Football Academy, led by former Chelsea junior player Godrey Torto, attempts to help footballers gain pro contracts if they have dropped out of the game.


Another organization in the UK known as “UK Football Trials” also offers trials for players from all around the UK aged from 10-14 years and 15-28 years, having scouts from professional levels. In the United States, a parallel industry is based on clubs providing even up to Major League Soccer level, which frequently advertises invites to ‘tryouts’ to find the next undiscovered diamond. 


Being a part of these groups can lead you to become a professional player if you are really into this game and have that hidden talent. However, it should be kept in mind that these clubs and organizations often require a fee to be registered for the trial.

Look for a Football Advisor

Finding an advisor to represent you and present your case to future employers can be crucial in your football career quest. While you can look on the internet, social media, and newspapers for chances, it might be challenging to break into the sector if you don’t have contacts or don’t know who to contact.


Contact a football club directly


Another way to inform these groups about your anonymous tact is to contact them directly for a trial. These clubs often choose people who they think are better players and have the spirit of the game. Yet, these clubs do not accept people who want to play football only for a living.


For example, Manchester United or Real Madrid have global scouting networks and are likely to know every single player they could recruit, so contacting them would be nothing but a waste of time and energy.


Still, if you are lucky enough to be into this sport through clubs, you can climb down the ladder to the clubs that don’t have enough resources to know about all the players, and hence you can have a chance to get into the game.


Although most clubs are unlikely to accept unwanted requests for trials, there have been a few unique examples of it working or claiming to work. For instance, in 2019, three-time League of Ireland winners Cork City made news after they went into a Twitter deal with a Nigerian man with football dreams. They contacted him to try to set up the trial after he reached the target amount of retweets on a post.


So, while contacting a football club directly, you should consider all of these factors. However, several clubs recruit players based on their talent and skill set.


To bring the whole talk towards a final verdict, we can say that becoming a well-known footballer is like having a jackpot in your hand. Still, for that, you need to work and to work more innovatively. It is better to join a football club and start practicing over there rather than just practicing at your home. Your health and diet can also play a vital role in your selection by any scout groups or clubs. Joining a team on a trial basis or even playing a match with your buddies weekly can be helpful. The main thing is to be in shape if you want to be at your best during a trial.