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As a footballer, there is no doubt that 45/90 minutes of playing on the field can take a lot out of the body system. According to statistics, it is stated that the aerobic energy system is highly utilized during a football match. The average and peak heart rates are estimated at 85% and 98% of the maximal values and the average oxygen uptake is at 70% maximum. Also, the distance covered by a top-level, outfield player during a match is said to be 10–13 km.

Based on the above stated statistics and more not discussed in this post, it is important for football players to refuel with the right drink after their matches. They need the right nutrients to recover the energy they have lost during their matches.

Hence, this enlightening article is to shed more light on the drinks taken by football players after their matches. Let’s take a look at some of the drinks discussed below.


Playing football for 90 minutes is a rigorous activity that leaves the player sweating and even dehydrated; a fluid refueling is required first for recovery. Like a truism says, “ water has no enemy” and it is indeed a best friend of football players after running around on the football field. It is the best drink of any sport because it does a lot aside re-hydrating footballers. It helps to prevent muscular fatigue, prevents infections,decreases the state of dehydration, regulates the temperature of the body, reduces/prevents cramping, lubricates the joints in the body, boosts the immune system, supplies the body cells with nutrition as well as increases the energy of the footballer. This will enable a player to get the right amount of hydration. It is recommended by experts that one and half liters of fluid is taken for one kilogram lost in order to maintain a good state of hydration. The average athletic male adult should consume one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half liter of fluid each day while women should drink less.

Vegetable and Fruits smoothie

A famous truism goes thus, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. it may be true but we aren’t just talking about fruits and vegetables but the concoction of fruits and veggies. This involves the use of different kinds of fruits, yogurt, milk and vegetables to make a fantastic drink for footballers for post match recovery. It can also include; green beans, blueberries, tomatoes, sweet cherries, and broccoli. This helps to boost the immune system with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The protein and carbohydrate helps to build muscles, decrease muscular fatigue and ensure overall refueling of the body system. The smoothie is good for the recovery process as it also reduces the inflammation, soreness and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Chocolate milk drink

It is true that chocolate milk drink is good for footballers for post-match recovery. During a football match of 90 minutes, huge stress is placed on the bones which makes calcium and vitamin D a necessity to support and build strong bones. Chocolate milk drinks contain protein and vitamins that aid the recovery process. It helps to do the trick as it refuel and replace the lost calcium and sodium; carbohydrates and vitamin D are recovered in the body system. Aside from the chocolate flavor, other flavors such as; banana, strawberry, or even a pint of milk serve as a good alternative.

Taking multi-Probiotic drink

A probiotic drink is a dietary supplement such as yogurt that contains live bacteria that serves therapeutic reasons. It is a healthy drink for footballers because it enables them to improve their lactose tolerance. Aside that, it build immune system with the ability to absorb electrolytes, aid healthier skin as well as gives good complexion

Isotonic sports drink for players

This is a popular drink that can be seen in any match played because of their nutritional value to footballers. Infacts, some players are paid huge amounts of money to consume and promote this brand. According to sport experts, the ideal isotonic drink for footballers should have 6% carbohydrates,blood sugar and electrolytes to help them regain the energy lost during the match.

Protein shake

A lot of people believed that protein shakes are for body building but it isn’t always the case. Protein shakes are very essential to footballers’ post match recovery sessions as it is the best form of protein they can get immediately after the match. After a rigorous game, their muscles and tissue breaks down and it requires the amino acids in the protein for cell growth and restoration. It serves an energy source for a moment after the game.

Just like protein is an important part of a food diet, protein shakes are essential to footballers to manufacture their immune-system components, hormones,nucleic acids, enzymes and cellular messengers. Their muscles may take longer to recover if there is deficiency of protein which may cause injury and fatigue.

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