What are football scouts and what are they looking for?

Football scouts provide a connection between unsigned footballers and clubs at various levels in different countries. A scout’s job is to find players with talent who may be a good fit for a specific football club.

There are three types of football scouts:

  1. Scouts for clubs – These football scouts are the most common. They know all about the club they work for allowing them to find the perfect type of player to benefit the team.
  2. International scouts – These football scouts work for the international teams. Their job is to recruit players that are already signed to play for their country. These scouts will bring you into the national team setup if you shine for your club team.
  3. Scouts for agents – There are also scouts for agents, or they may be agents themselves. Their objective is to recruit players, so they can send them to trial or train with a group of clubs they may have contact with.

What do football scouts look for?

Football scouts look for players that can benefit a certain team or club. Most of the time, the scout works for the club. Scouts are often the starting point or building blocks for a football club to sign talent.

There are five main attributes that scouts look for in all players. This includes:

  1. Technique
  2. Physical attributes such as size and strength
  3. Tactical awareness and knowledge
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Overall attitude

If you want to attract scouts or catch their eye, you have to play your best football on the day. A lot goes into being your best on the day, but scouts don’t want to see players hog the ball on the pitch. Scouts want to see players combining with others and contributing to the team. Football scouts seek out players as early as seven to play for teams.

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