Tryouts Dealing with Failure

Tryouts Dealing with Failure

Failure is very much part of the professional game and Tryouts

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. This can be a micro failure or a macro failure. The path after one of these failures is the hard bit for any player. The ones that can deal with it progress and become an integral part of the team. How does the player react to a macro failure, what is the next pass, what is the next decision and how does the player react and respond to micro failures.

Young players

The one consistent thing about young footballers is that they are inconsistent. This sounds ridiculous but its true and its important to recognize this. Players often use the example that they are short of confidence. Confidence is just a word but practicing and learning the process of micro and macro management will make players from all levels develop. Understanding mistakes and bad performances are manageable along side expectations. Its a clear process that players have to learn. Top players make mistakes so players from amateur and youth levels are bound to. All players need to feel secure that a macro or micro mistake is acceptable from their coaches and team mates. Providing a secure and risk free environment is vital.

Learning from mistakes is of course very important. Reflection and understanding why and where these mistakes happened is very important and thats is how you improve as a player. That moment after a mistake, the time after a game or even the day after is time to reflect and apply techniques so you improve. Within a game it is important to understand the state of the game and use theses techniques to improve your game consistently.

The Brave Player

The brave player isn’t necessarily the one who tackles with his head!!!  Sir Alex Ferguson always described how Steve Mcmanaman was an excellent example of this. This article is fantastic insight into what he meant.