The best job in the world is being a footballer

The best job in the world is being a footballer
The best job in the world is being a footballer


The best job in the world is being a footballer . There is nothing better than getting paid to play football .


Undoubtedly, footballers will be one of the most paid professions in the world. It would undoubtedly be a much-searched topic in the google search engine. It is because fans are eager to know how much their favorite player earns in their professions. Many teams do not reveal their money on wages, but Marca successfully found the highest-paid footballers across the five major football leagues. This article highlights why the football profession is the world’s most famous worldwide.


Paris saint Germain.


The top three highest football players are from Paris Saint Germain. It includes Neymar and Messi, the top two paid players in Europe. A progressive decrease in Neymar’s salary can be seen in the contract renewed in 2021. Recently he has been earning 49 million euros which make 30 million after taxes. Why will someone not consider setting up this profession knowing such a vast amount in just one contract? That’s why being a footballer is the best job in the world. After reviewing the current salary package, who would not think to follow this profession as it is the highest paid in the world?


Argentinian star Lionel Messi earned more than Nemar because of his bonuses, even though his salary is lesser than Neymar’s. I hope you must be thinking about what it means. After the summer transfer window, Messi will get a loyalty bonus of 30 million as he did not receive a signing bonus, according to LEquipe. But Neymar will not get this bonus like he earns more than Messi despite having a more significant salary package. 


After reviewing the current salary package, who would not think to follow this profession as it is the highest paid in the world




LaLiga is still on the top list of the leagues despite leaving some famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid dominate the figures paid for salaries in Spain. While talking about tax issues, Jose Felix Diaz, a journalist, has nothing to be explained. As it is the issue of the state, it will not be considered. For instance, a footballer playing in Barcelona will pay 50% tax, whereas this tax ratio is 45% in real Madrid. Despite all taxes, footballers manage to save more than in any other profession, so most aspirants want to join football as a profession.


Gareth Bale earns more than any LaLiga Santandar, followed by Eden Hazard. Barca‘s highest-paid player is Gerad Pique and Jordi Alba. Their salary package has been adjusted since football players earn more than any other profession, which is why most people want to be football players.


The Premier League is still at the top

Talking about the premier league, here Ronaldo is at the top of paid players, which makes him also ahead of Kevin De Bruyne. Premier has coped with the pandemic. However, it has competed for a long time. Unlike la Liga, in England, clubs are allowed to spend more than they make.


Kalidou Koulibaly, Chelsea is the highest paid player in this league he has made a five-year contract staying in this club.  His earning is £15,340,000/$18,415,00). So, it is obvious that this salary package is more than enough to spend a luxurious life and attracts people to join this profession. 


Bayern Munich rule in Germany

Bayern Munich is considered the favorite to win the Bundesliga and tends to dominate other teams in Germany on and off the pitch. Bayern Munich is becoming more complicated while renewing because of the continuous salary increment of their uncompromising dominance. The clubs’ historical patriarch, Uli Hoeness, has left, so its rule has become more flexible, allowing players like Lucas Hernandez to arrive. Salera of Lewandowski has also been increased who plays for this club. According to sources, this new management policy is likely to be extended soon. So, the lifestyle of these rich footballers is a point of attraction for youngsters who prefer football as their profession more than any other.


Italy: The ‘Crescita Decree’ and a long crisis

The Italian football league is passing through tough times despite the rise of numerous investors at AC Milan, Inter, Fiorentina, Roma, and Atlanta. This league has no player in the top 30 in any of Europe’s top highest-paid clubs. Seirei A clubs cannot compete with big European teams when we talk about terms of finances. Juventus Matthijs de Light is the most paid player who gained eight million euros plus bonuses without taxes. Players of this league, even though they are less wealthy than any other league, still manage to earn more than any other profession in the world.




All the players planning their next moves will likely take advantage of the transfer of market movements. These days the phenomenon of free agreement is more potent, and its exponential growth is envisaged. Clubs have some difficulties while making negotiations, but they also face issues with the correct timing of payments to the players.