Serie A bans green kits

Serie A has taken the incredible step of banning teams from wearing green football kits. Yes, that is correct, Serie A will not allow teams from 2022 onwards from wearing green kits. 

The Italian top flight has made their ruling to improve television clarity as it is believed television audiences cannot follow the game due to green kits blending in with green grass. Italian teams must now combine other dominant colours, lessening the amount of green on the kit, to avoid any issues. The Lega Serie A published new specifications regarding team uniforms which include colours and numbers.

What can Serie A teams wear instead?

The new rule has been made, to prevent a contrast when it comes to moving players and the pitch grass.

Clubs such as Sassuolo and Venezia, who will play in Italy’s top flight after 19 years of playing in the lower leagues, have predominately green kits and green in their badges. Sassuolo are the Neroverdi (Black-Green) and have combined both green and black into their home shirts. Meanwhile, Venezia has a striped orange, green and black shirt.

Goalkeepers will be able to wear any colour that differentiates them from outfield players and referees. It is only outfield players who are banned from wearing predominately green kits. With Serie A making such a ruling, it is possible that other leagues could do the same for television views. What if Celtic, Hibs, or Plymouth Argyle were to be banned from wearing green?

What will Sassulo do?

Sassuolo’s shirt is predominately green although it does occasionally have more black stripes than green. The Neroverdi are likely to wear shirts that feature more black than green in them from 2022 onwards. Although Venezia wear shirts with green, it is unlikely they will have to change as much as Sassuolo. By banning green kits, it will limit the colour combinations teams have for away games.

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