Pro tips to improve your football abilities

For some players, it is now the offseason for football. You may be ready for a long break to relax and recover. But while you put football on the back burner for a few weeks, there are players working hard to improve their skills. You may not want to take off an extended period this offseason. In fact, you may consider getting back out onto the training pitch earlier than planned. Premier Football UK has some Pro tips to offer you this offseason to help you improve your football abilities before your next preseason training session or team trial.

Improve fitness to improve your overall game

You may not realise it, but having a high level of fitness will enable you to improve your overall match performance. It isn’t necessarily helpful to simply run mile after mile. You should focus on specific running drills. As the level of football increases, your level of fitness should also improve. Fitness isn’t just about running tirelessly. You need to eat right and take care of your body before and after training and matches.

Do the simple things

Walkout onto a football pitch with a young player and they inevitably want to take long-range free-kicks and take impossible shots at goal. When you train, you need to forget about doing the impossible and work on the simple things routinely. Cool tricks are great, but many times, these cool tricks do not work in games. How often do you see rainbow flicks in professional matches? It is rare. So, focus on the simple things to improve such as dribbling, shooting, and passing. Having a soft touch is incredibly valuable and it can be developed through practice.

Use this drill

Did you know that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola uses a simple wall to improve his players’ passing and receiving? It is true. Guardiola has the players use a simple wall to help the players pass the ball and receive it. A simple wall to pass the ball off of can teach you how to receive and pass the ball. It can also teach you how much weight and power to put into each pass. You don’t need anyone else to train with when using the wall. It is a simple drill that can help you immensely.

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