Preparing for football trials: Training journals

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It’s now January, a time when football teams all over the world are looking for new football players. With a need for new talent, clubs will hold football trials to assess whether a player or players has what it takes to join. Whether it is a team in mid-season looking to add further players or a club preparing to embark on a league campaign, January is a great time to trial with a football organisation.

Football trials are stressful and can be as much a mental test as they are a physical one. But the more prepared a player is for the rigours of football trials, the more likely they are to earn a contract with the team.

A new year is upon us, so why not try this fresh idea as you prepare for your next football trial?

Training Journal

A training journal is a key piece of material players can keep to record their training. A journal is a good way for players to make notes about what individual or team training sessions they have completed. It also gives players the chance to note goals, achievements or areas to work on. A journal allows you to create a weekly plan of individual training sessions and by keeping it logged, you can do something new and fresh each day.

While you can log your individual training sessions, it is also good to keep track of your gym workouts. Once again, this can be easily recorded in your training journal.

A training journal also allows players to use the notes they have created to visualise certain aspects of a game. Visualisation is a tool used by professional athletes of all sports. It allows them to see a game scenario in their mind and to visualise what they would do before it happens for real. Think of it as a training session completed in your mind.

By adding a training journal to your football trials preparation, it can give you the mental and physical edge over the other players competing for a contract. Of course, a journal alone won’t get you a spot on a team, but it can help you get to where you need to be with a little hard work.

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