New GPS tracker makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like a pro

Sports tech company Catapult Sports has launched Playr, a product that makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like real Premier League pros. The GPS tracker is just another advancement in the world of football tech making it cheaper and easier to get data on players.

Over the last few years, tech companies have released a number of products to improve a player’s performance and to track data that once only top professionals could receive.

According to FourFourTwo, Catapult Sports has created a number of sports data monitoring products. Over 1.500 teams from 35 different sports use products designed by Catapult including top football clubs. The Playr device fits into a vest that is worn by a football player under their shirt in games or over it in training. The device has a smartphone app it is connected to which downloads data.

The Playr device is turned on once it is put inside the vest and it can record data from 1,250 body movements per second. Once the data is transferred to the smartphone app, individuals can dissect it and look at their performance.

The data recorded can be compared to top-level footballers and suggestions are made on your next training session. The great thing about the device is all of the data is tailored to the user. Not only does the app suggest ideas for your next training session, but it gives you an idea of what your recovery should be like.

Is the Playr GPS tracker right for you or your football team? That is a difficult question to answer. Like most football tech, the device doesn’t come cheap although it is far cheaper than products used by the pros. If you want to learn more about your performances and possible how to get more out of yourself, then it is worth a shot. Having more knowledge of your performance on the football pitch is never a bad thing.