Is Italy holding professional football trials ?

Is italy holding professional football trials
Is italy holding professional football trials

Football club actively recruits players every season every year. These clubs invite several players for the trials to show their skills in front of the selection team. During football trials, selectors assess the player’s ability, endurance, and overall potential, which a professional footballer must possess. These trials allow the aspirants to see the club’s structure, which allows them to prove their worth or train themselves for the next trials.


Most of the players who want to play professionally wait for these trials. Other players get an idea of how they must prepare themselves and make a clear strategy to train their brains and bodies. Certainly, every player is excited to reach this level because, after this, their professional career as a footballer may start in case of selection.


There are many football clubs, both for men and women, professional footballers in Italy. These clubs provide young talents with the opportunity to become professional footballers. To be a professional footballer, you must know whether Italy is holding professional football trials. Let’s see which clubs are holding professional football trials in Italy.

AC Perugia

Talent Identification Program


Location: Perugia – Assisi(Italy)

Duration; 3 – 9 Months

Age:       14 to 22 years


AC Perugia invests significant resources in its young teams each year, and the “Talent Identification Program” is critical for discovering and developing fresh talents. This program aims to find young players with exceptional technical and tactical talents who can be developed with the support of Professional Coaches and guided toward signing with AC Perugia.


There are two sorts of “Talent Identification Programs,” each with a different level of commitment and duration:


The “Year-Round Talent Identification Program” runs for 9 months (September to June) and corresponds with the start and conclusion of the school or academic year.


The “Monthly Program” has a duration of 1, 2, 3, or 6 months and can be attended at any time during the football season.


Tryout Italia


Location: Perugia – Assisi(Italy)

Duration; 6 days

Age:       14 to 21 years


Official Tryout: AC Perugia seems to be well aware that many excellent players are not allowed to be observed.


As a result, we encourage youngsters aged 14 to 21 to participate in our professional Try-out, where all players will be examined by a professional team and directly by AC Perugia during training and friendly matches.


This is a fantastic opportunity for those that want to get scouted! Players who want to appear for the trials worldwide are between 14 to 21 years old.


6 days/5 nights

Perugia19th – 24th September 2022800 €14 – 21 Years old
Perugia19th – 24th June 2023800 €14 – 21 Years old

Team tour 


Location: Perugia – Assisi(Italy)

Duration; Until 14 days

Age:       12 to 20 years old


The “Team Tour” is soccer development activities aimed at identifying and developing boys aged 13 to 19 years old. Every year, the AC Perugia International Project organises Team Tours for teams from all over the world.


The Team Tour provides a high level of group training through technical and tactical drills as well as mini or full-sided games. Individual characteristics are created through daily technical training sessions, which are subsequently enhanced through focused tactical training sessions. The primary aim is the player’s personal improvement in basic technical abilities and soccer foundations.


AC Perugia will inspire each participant by immersing them in real-world scenarios and recognizing their strengths. The time spent on the Team Tour is an opportunity for personal growth, as well as socializing and technical and tactical enrichment for the young player.


Football has a long and strong past in Italy, and it is extremely important to the country’s culture. Italy adopted the sport at the end of the nineteenth century, supported by British ex-pats (the nation’s oldest football club is Genoa, founded in 1893), and has gone on to create some of the world’s largest and most successful teams. Players like Paolo Rossi, Roberto Baggio, and Paolo Maldini have become household names all over the world, and the Italian national team has won four World Cups, one less than Brazil’s record five. There are many clubs, but in this article, we have strict ourselves only up to AC Perugia. AC Perugia has many talented hunt departments that aim to select young talent from within the country worldwide. Furthermore, this club not only selects talented players but also takes responsibility for polishing these young players so that they become assets for the club as well as for Italy. Being in the right place at the right moment certainly helps in becoming Scouted. Conversely, if you execute flawlessly and demonstrate qualities that are appealing to the current game in both actual games and practice, you will have a better chance of getting recognized. If you have been waiting for the trials of football, here is the time to get started with.