How to Impress Coaches at Football Trials

You have waited to receive a trial with a professional football club or academy for years, it is what you have dreamt of since you first kicked a football. Now the big day is here, and you want to make the most of it.

You are nervous and you want the coaches and scouts to notice you for all the right reasons. So, how do you impress coaches at a football trial?

Show your able and capable

Every football trial will have you go through drills along with training matches. Both are ways to evaluate your talent and skills. To impress coaches an scouts, it is important to do everything asked of you. Play to your best ability, and show those watching you are what the club needs.

What are clubs looking for?

Clubs are looking for different things in the players on trial. They are also looking for players at different positions that interest them and could be interested in one play initially; but change their minds about him or her later on after watching them play. If you can show the coaches that you have something they are missing, then you will be offered a chance to either continue your trial or to sign a contract.

Be a team player

Although you want to show the coaches and scouts you are a very good player individually, it is important they know you can play within a teammate. On your trial, coaches and scouts are not interested in seeing players showoff. They want to find players that will work in a team environment and make the club better. Showing that you can help your new teammates and make them an improve team is a key skill that impress coaches and scouts during a trial.

React and recover

One of the most important things you can show coaches and scouts during a trial is the ability to recover from any mistakes you make. Even the best players make mistakes, and if you can shake them off and get on with your football, it will really impress coaches.

Following these tips can help you on your big day, and hopefully get you a professional football contract or position at the club you are a trialist with.