If you’re young, talented and need FOOTBALL TRIALS FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 but have a passion for the game of football, it’s not too young to start thinking about getting noticed on the field. With Premier Football UK, you can start getting noticed at one of our trials as young as 7 years old. As a matter of fact, many of the top professional players were discovered at a young age and went on to become excellent players.

Although you may still need time to grow into your body, there are certain things that coaches and scouts are looking for that you’ll be able to show at a very young age. Here are a few things that can help you get noticed no matter how old you are.


FOOTBALL TRIALS FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 is obviously within your reach. The fact that you have an interest in attending a trial means that you probably already have some football skills. But what are you best at? Does your footwork or dribbling skills set you apart? Or maybe you are a good defender. You might also have great passing skills or an accurate shot.

Whatever it is, make sure you get a chance to display those skills. Use the time to highlight whatever it is you do best and chances are you’ll make an impression.

Knowledge of the Game

Even at a young age, if you have been taught the game well, you should have a good understanding of how to play the game the right way. You can show this to coaches and scouts by how you play on the field. FOOTBALL TRIALS FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 Is your decision-making good? Do you make the right play instead of the flashy one? If you do, you can bet you will stand out from the crowd and impress them.

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This is usually a natural gift that people receive. And if you have it, use it. Showing speed on the soccer field has no age barriers. It’s something that people notice right away when they see you burst past another player and get to the ball. Or get behind the defense to score a goal.

Also, speed can be in how quickly you think the game. We talked about knowledge of the game above, but thinking quickly and on your feet, can be the difference between making the play or not making the play.


FOOTBALL TRIALS FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18. Your attitude says a lot about you as a player and as a person. Show your determination and your willingness to do what you’re asked as well as what’s best for the team and you can’t go wrong.

So regardless of your age, be aware that Premier Football UK wants to put you on the right path regarding your football future. Let us get you noticed and assigned to the right club and have you on the road to further success on the field.