Football trials in Asia. Is it worth the risk ?

Football trials in Asia. Is it worth the risk
Football trials in Asia. Is it worth the risk


Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world, located supremely in the eastern hemisphere and northern hemisphere. It had a population of 4.561 million in 2018 and covered 44.58 million square km of area.  Despite its vast population, there are few names in football history. But during the 21 st century, football is emerging as a significant sport in Asia. 


Role of academies


Academy football has a significant influence on making a football player, but the journey of becoming a star football starts only from a trail. With the help of selectors, these academies set trial camps for selecting potential players. Most of the time, these academies prefer local players, for they have attachments with their hometown and help the academy save millions of dollars in the future. Having said that, academies also haunt talent from different parts of the world, like South America, Europe, and Asia. Mainly talking about Asia, does its player have worth letting the selectors take risks as they have never made a star in this game?


It is not that Asian players do not have talent; they have produced brilliant players in other sports like cricket, squash, hockey, etc. some worth remembering players of Asia are Shoaib Akhtar, a Pakistani cricket star, and MS Dhoni, a brilliant former skipper, has made a lot of impressive records in cricket. So, investing in Asian players will not be a wrong decision as they have worth representing to the whole world.


Players unfamiliarity


During The Asia Football Showcase, it became apparent that many of the players were unfamiliar with what was expected of them in their position. A coach once remarked that one should be smart enough to keep things simple. When players have trials, this is eventually the case. Players must understand what is expected of them in their role and, ideally, remove as much opinion as possible from the minds of coaches and scouts. With effective communication with Asian players, you will know that these players have worth that selectors should consider taking risks setting up trials for the selection of players.


Football Asia has the skills, contacts, and experience to assist athletes in beginning their football careers in Asia. The crew has over 15 years of expertise managing sports events in Asia and over 10 years of professional football experience. The understanding of football in this world enables us to build an atmosphere that gives players aspiring to be professional football players in Asia the best chance of success. Designers know how to secure football tryouts in other countries for players looking to break into a new market.


The Asian contacts are extensive and often begin by offering football trials in Thailand and Cambodia. Professional football in Thailand has risen dramatically in the previous eight years, and Cambodia is the region’s newest rising football league. They do not hold open football trials or randomly assign players to clubs. Over the years, this form of football trial in Thailand has shown to be unproductive and costly to players.


Son Heung-min, a remarkable Asian footballer


Son Heung-min, a south Korean football player, plays forward for the premier league club Tottenham and is the South Korean national team captain. His performance has made son Heung-min the most influential player since he joined the premier league. Due to his performance, he has been given an extension at white hart lane until 2025.


In the UEFA champions league 2019,  during the first leg of the quarter-finals against manchester city, son Heung-min has proved his mettle in the field. This game was heading toward a draw, and both sides were trying their best to avail the opportunity to win by scoring a goal. It was son Heung-min, again an Asian player, who came to rescue his team and scored for it, leading them to win by 4-3.


So, for instance, if we take son Heung-men as a role model for setting a trail for the selection of young talents in Asia, the decision will cause millions of dollars savage for the club. So, we can see that the Asian players have worth that you can take risks upon investing them.




Finally, we conclude that there is no restriction for anyone becoming a professional footballer. However,  It is vital to scout a child at its very early stages. He must have trained well, survived an arduous training regime, avoided injuries, and gotten very lucky to reach a professional level. But Asians lack football because most Asian kids are not taken care of right in their early stages. In the bottom line, I would like to say that it will not be with less to take a risk for setting up football trials in Asia.