Football Trials for over 18 year olds

Football Trials for over 18 year olds

Recently i was asked to play in a ‘pro game’. Using the word pro lightly but some of the players were receiving money so i believe thats ok to call it a pro game. Football Trials for over 18 year olds is similar experience to this. Admittedly a little embarrassed and declined the offer. The reason is because being 35 and Football Trials for over 18 year olds is hard let alone 35 year olds!!!

It did make me think of what i have to do to get back to the level i was 13 years ago when i played my last professional game. To give you a bit of background information. As a professional player for a short period but managing only 50 League 1 and 2 games in English Football before i started my football career.

So, what was i worried about? Injuries are a massive part of the game and i feel i am not at the required fitness level to commit 100% so i don’t get injuries. I think the older you get you need to be fully prepared before each game and each training session. This is the case also when you attend Football Trials for over 18 year olds.  The older you are the more vital it is.

My weight is also an issue.  Needing to lose about another 4kg to be top of my fitness levels as carrying excess fat will always bring on the risk of injuries.

What do is needed? As always planning is essential. This is the case when doing Football Trials for over 18 year olds too. Over the next 60 days there is a focus to make sure development and analysis of all fitness programs are done. I am ready to kick on and get it done.

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