Football Trialists Must be Mentally Tough

Football isn’t just a game of physical skills and performance. Just as much physical, the game is mental, and without having the right psyche, football trialists will not make it.

When it comes to a football trial, scouts and coaches don’t just look at the physical nature of the game. Football evaluators also look at the mental make up of a player. If you don’t have it, then it isn’t likely you will make it at the highest level.


Once players reach a certain level, the pressures of the game increase dramatically. If a player has difficulty dealing with those pressures in a trial, it will shine through. But even football trials get the best of players that go on to become solid performers for a professional club.

Kolo Toure, who was on trial with Arsenal in 2002, spent a session taking out Arsene Wenger’s best players with rugged, unnecessary challenges. Toure even took out Wenger with a mistimed tackle, and the manager was standing on the sidelines. Toure was able to gather himself mentally, and he ended up becoming an important part of Wenger’s team one he was given a contract.

What do scouts and look for?

Scouts and coaches are interested in uncovering trialists who are brave and enthusiastic. According to veteran football scouts, a football pitch doesn’t lie, and a player’s mentality can be seen during a trial. Therefore, it is important football trialists are prepared mentally just as they are physically when they take the pitch.

Not only does having a strong mentality help a player during a football trial, but having confidence in their skills goes a long way to impressing scouts and coaches. If you have confidence on the pitch, then the football evaluators will see it and they will know you can handle yourself at that level.

If you can get yourself mentally prepared for your football trial, then your physical game will take care of itself. The old saying goes,”It’s 90% mental…” isn’t a stretch. Strong in mind and strong in body will get you that contract or signed to a club after your next football trial.