Football players looking for trials in Scotland

Football players looking for trials in Scotland
Football players looking for trials in Scotland

Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide and in Europe. Undoubtedly, all the star players who have proved their metal in international and continental leagues once stood in queues for trials in front of selectors. To achieve excellence in football history, you must show your skills to get the selectors’ attention before starting your professional career as a football player.

Have you been waiting for football trials in Scotland

This time it is good news for the people of Scotland who have been waiting for football trials for a long, for it is for the first time that football players will get the chance to give their trials in remote areas of Scotland. The Search, a talent hunt for football players, will get the best-hidden talent ever from Scotland.

All the players who want to make a mark like their favorite players and have the ages between 10 to 28 must gird up their lions to ensure their selection. The trials are likely to be set up in Falkirk Stadium, having a capacity of 9000 spectators. Falkirk stadium has been the home ground for the Scottish Cup finalists Falkirk FC for the last year. All the trialists have the chance to prove their skills, strength, and endurance in front of the Scouts from Scotland and Northern England during academy-level coaching sessions followed by a match on the Falkirkpitch.

Innovative Trial Model

Furthermore, these trials are similar to the model of England. If we talk about this English model, it has successfully given 110 players selected by pro and semi-club scouts. Similarly, Scouts will take trials to take out the best players for the dream chance for the trials at a pro club. English trials were of considerable success. For instance, the founder of the UK trials, Harry Price, has explained these trials in these words that England has a lot of talent in football fields who never got a chance at a professional club. He also tried to give a reason for such neglect by saying they have been ignored due to living in remote areas, not getting the attention of the selectors, or having been considered too slow or left due to the coach’s opinion. In addition, he said the aim of the trials, just like England trials models, has given the aspirants a chance to experience what it looks like playing at Falkirk stadium. He also said that they would be able to give many players a chance they would need at pro clubs.

At the domestic level, there are bundles of fair opportunities for players; for instance, Mallorca Football will be an official partner of the trials and will actively participate in scouting the players to join the academy, which has to be set up in Spain.

Ross Anderson looking forward to what

Founder Ross Anderson is looking forward to the event, which will suit the smaller, more technical Spanish-type player: “Scotland will present us, scouts, with a good opportunity to identify some potential.” The exposure in Scotland could be better, and many players only get a few opportunities to be seen by scouts. Players can perform on a stage with many scouts monitoring them directly with UK Football Trials’ “The Search” – there is no greater platform.”

Being the club chairman in Scotland, Ross added that according to their description, they would prefer players who will play similarly to their style. Furthermore, they have mentioned that the trial is open for everyone, there would be no jaundiced eye sense in the selection procedure, and the price starts at £95. If you want to be a part of this trial, you must hurry up because there are limited seats, and they will be allocated based on a first-come, first-get basis if you want your booking confirmed, visit as soon as possible.


Everyone wants to be a great football player and represent his/her country at the national and international levels. But it has been impossible for many aspirants for several reasons. Still waiting to get the chance to trial and catch the sight of selectors, many real talents of the UK got wasted. Perhaps this is also why the English football team has not managed to win the world cup. But now the selectors have utilized a similar model they used in England for the Scottish players.

Moreover, all the selections will be based on the players’ skills, their style of the players and who will be fit to play Spain. The model of England has given quality players the authority, showing their optimistic approach to the same trials for scouting to get the best players for pro clubs. This hunting can be proven fruitful in the future, and who knows, these types of trials will pay the price of winning the world cup shortly. In the end, there are limited seats you must register for as soon as possible so that you may take advantage of the chance of this beautiful opportunity of becoming a world-class player for your country.