Football boots: what’s on your feet?

Football boots are one of the key components of any player’s kit. Without good football boots, a player won’t be able to compete on a level playing field against opponents. Poor quality boots could even prevent a player from performing well in a trial.

Today, there are a lot of football boots on the market. Adidas, Nike, Puma and many more companies produce boots. The prices can be incredibly expensive depending on the footwear a player chooses. The two most popular styles of boots are bladed and studded. The boots can be incredibly different. But which boots are best for you and what’s the difference between the different types of footwear you can pick from?

Football boots studs explained

Bladed boots

Bladed boots have become popular over the last 20-plus years. Blades have been created for providing improved traction to players; although blades are not ideal boots for wet, soggy pitches. The best time to use blades is on artificial surfaces or on dry, firm ground. On the typical British wet pitches, players tend to have trouble with footing. These boots aren’t good for those types of pitches. Blades are very popular with some football players, but they have been blamed for causing injuries over the years.

Studded boots

Studded boots are the more traditional style of football boots. These types of boots are perfect for wet, sloppy conditions. Compared to blades, the studs dig into the playing surface and allow players better traction. While the blades can cover more surface area, the studs go into the turf and give greater stability. Studded boots shouldn’t be worn on Astro Turf surfaces. In fact, many football facilities don’t allow players to wear studded boots onto an artificial surface pitch. The boots will damage the surface and players could become injured. Studded boots are also a poor footwear choice when playing on hard, dry ground. The boots will not be able to dig into the surface and this is the opposite of what they are intended to do.

The Copa Mundial created by Adidas is an exception when it comes to studded boots. The shorter studs on the Copa were made to be worn on firm ground and soft ground alike.

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