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Probably the most asked question we get asked at Premier Football UK. What are clubs looking for when scouting a player?

We have used the graphic above to give you a bit of an insight into what clubs are looking for but to simplify it we have come up with this:

1. Have at least one outstanding attribute
2. Effect the game positively

Obviously that is very simplified but we believe players have to have one outstanding attribute. These attributes can change games, win games, deliver decisive passes, make goal line clearances etc.

Clubs are looking for something in a player that their current squad of players don’t have. The player on trial has to bring something different to the table.

What is your strength? Are you a box to box midfielder? Can you beat a man in one on one situations? Can you read the game and intercept attacks?


This is not easy, often you may only get one or two chances to show what you are good at in a game. This is football. Take your chance when it arrives.

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