Preparing for English Football Trials

Preparing for English Football Trials

A quality first touch and instant control is essential and its vital that when attending your English Football Trials its is also vital that you have put the hours in over the previous weeks. Players can work on their first touch by simply kicking a ball against a wall. Footballers with natural ability have that awareness to get their head up and see more going on than lesser players.

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These footballers can receive the ball and deliver a pass instantly. Decision-making skills and the ability to make decisions under pressure is a vital assets to have in the modern game. You only have to look at the top players and see how they deliver when it matters. at English Football trials assess how efficient a player is in possession of the ball. In a previous blog we talked about choosing the right, wrong or acceptable pass. Make sure you pick that right pass as often as possible,

Many young footballers can execute freestyle tricks and keep ups all day long. However, in your English Football Trials you will need to show more than that.. Talent spotters want players to use technical ability to gain advantage for both themselves and the team. So, keep it simple, get the basics right, and natural talent will shine through. Use discipline and pragmatism in your position and work hard, but also make sure you do the right pass or right decision as often as possible.

The modern game has a shortage of technically gifted footballers. Footballers who can manipulate the ball and bewilder defenders. These types of players stand out and are highly sought after. If you are a forward player you need to be like this and deliver when it matters.

Players need to get out there and practice. Make sure you spend out on that first touch.