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Most expensive football trading card sold for $442,800

21 Jul 21

A world record has been set for the most expensive football trading card sold. Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland is not only the most-wanted player in the world, but he now has the most valuable...

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What is the sweeper position in football?

7 Dec 20

The sweeper position is one that isn't often used in football these days. However, the sweeper position has morphed in a hybrid position. Modern the centre-backs often play a sweeper-role making it unnecessary...

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World Football’s 5 Biggest Derbies

1 Mar 19

Derby day is when teams compete for the pride of their supporters. It is the day two rivals battle for the dominance of the city or country they share. It is also one of the best -- or worst -- days to...

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