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Football trials for midfielders – The Engine Room

26 Dec 17

The midfield is the hub of a football pitch where the ball and play constantly go through. It is the heart of a team and from which play really starts and stops. Often called the Engine Room, midfielders...

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Asian football teams need high-quality goal scorers

15 Dec 17

The way to win a football match is to score more goals than the opposing team. That is obvious, but there is a problem in modern Asian football that isn't so apparent. Asian football teams need high-quality...

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What is the Yorkshire national team?

11 Dec 17

If you aren't from the United Kingdom, you may have a difficult time finding Yorkshire on a map. However, there is a good chance you have heard of football clubs like Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday,...

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Is it too late for a club football trial?

28 Aug 17

The summer in Europe is nearly over, and young football players around the globe are thinking the same thing: is it too late for a club football trial?

The answer to this much asked question is, no. The...

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Football Teaches Lessons: Don’t Give Up

10 Aug 17

Football is a sport that is tough physically and mentally. Physically, you could be crashing into a defender or mentally you may be overcome with anger from missing an open goal scoring opportunity. Football...

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Football Trials: Tips for Parents of Football Players

7 Aug 17

Parents of football players are a passionate bunch, and many times, they maybe more passionate than their children. All parents of football players want to see their sons or daughters succeed. However,...

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Play Football Abroad – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

20 Jul 17

Too often, football players stay within their comfort zones. It can difficult to do something new, especially when you have done the same thing for so long. I have seen plenty of talented young football...

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5 Football Trial Tips for Football Players

17 Jul 17

Football players around the world are preparing for a new season and many young footballers are gearing up for a trial with a club. Some lucky football players will sign contracts with clubs, while others...

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European Football Trial: Accommodation

13 Jul 17

You have got you football CV completed, that is step one. Now football clubs across Europe are looking at your CV, and your chances of a European football trial now hinge on whether they like your playing...

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Striker Training to Score Goals for Next Football Trials

6 Jul 17

On paper, strikers have a pretty simple job on the pitch, and that is to score goals. A goal scorer never goes out of fashion and that is why good strikers are so important to football clubs around the...

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Spanish Football Trials

29 Jun 17

Spanish football trials are currently taking place and numerous players are taking part that we have placed with clubs across the country.

Just like other countries around the world, Spanish teams are...

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3 Tips for Young Players at Next Football Trials

22 Jun 17

Teenagers seeking a football trial may have all the skills, speed and stamina needed to earn a contract or a spot at an academy. But those aren't the only areas that scouts and coaches look at when signing...

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