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Banned kits: Cameroon’s banned football kits

26 Sep 21

It isn't often that FIFA bans a football kit. In the case of Cameroon, the country's national team has two banned football kits. Both are incredibly memorable nonetheless.

In the late 1990s and early...

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The Back Pass: A completely different world of football

6 Sep 21

Before 1992, football players could pass the ball back to the goalkeeper allowing the shot-stopper to pick up the ball with their hands. Now, nearly 30 years on from the back pass rule change, it is difficult...

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Are Puma’s new third kits the worst ever in football?

22 Aug 21

Early this week, shoe and sportswear giant, Puma, launched the third kits for some of the clubs within its stable of football teams. The kits were not what most fans would have expected and many supporters...

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New football rules: Is this the future of the game. ?

28 Jul 21

The football preseason gives teams and players the chance to prepare for the upcoming campaign. It also gives leagues and football organisations the chance to implement change. Over the years, football...

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