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3 tips to prevent ankle injuries in football

9 Nov 21

Ankle injuries in football are a part of the game. Due to defensive players continually lunging at your feet and ankles, you are bound to suffer some type of injury during your career.

Ankle injuries...

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What are the most common goalkeeper injuries?

28 Oct 21

Some of the most common goalkeeper injuries include jammed fingers, hand sprains, or fractures. These common goalkeeper injuries may be the result of stopping/blocking shots, running into other players,...

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Hamstring injuries: Football’s most common injury

25 Jul 21

Research has found that hamstring injuries are football's most common injuries. All too often, professional players pull up in training or matches with upper leg injuries and often grasp the back of their...

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Goalkeeper injuries: In the firing line

5 Jan 20

Goalkeepers are always in the firing line and constantly at risk of injury. The position puts you in risk at every turn. Catching, diving, jumping, and colliding with other players are all parts of the...

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Heading under scrutiny in youth football

26 Oct 19

Since the rise in research over brain injuries and CTE in American football, many have looked at heading in soccer (world football) as a major issue.

As more research has been conducted and new evidence...

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What is Turf Toe?

23 Aug 19

Turf Toe is an injury that affects the big toe and can be incredibly painful. The effects of turf toe can put football players out of action for weeks.

The injury received its name due to American football...

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Lower back pain leads to common football injuries

8 Aug 19

Lower back pain can be a small issue that becomes a larger problem for football players. The back is connected to the legs and feet, and an injury can affect all three areas. Some footballers could even...

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Football toe pain and foot injuries

28 Jun 19

Your toes and feet can take an extreme beating during a football season. Broken toes, split toenails, and bone spurs are all common conditions footballers endure. Football toe pain is one of the most agonising...

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Football injuries: Ankle injuries

20 Jun 19

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is well-known for suffering ankle injuries. The Englishman missed the end of the Premier League season due to ankle ligament damage suffered against Manchester City...

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Football injuries: How to relieve muscle cramps

17 Jun 19

For many football players in the northern hemisphere, it is time for summer football matches. You may be playing in tournaments, training with your club, or trialling with a new team this summer. When...

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Cryotherapy: Football’s new secret weapon against injuries

2 Apr 19

Cryotherapy is the new rage in football fitness and recovery. It is a recovery method that has become the go-to aid for footballers looking to improve and rehabilitate damaged body tissue.


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5 Football players who played through incredibly serious injuries

28 Dec 18

Injuries are an everyday part of football. Players have to look after their bodies when they feel something wrong or risk missing a large chunk of the football season. Modern footballers tend to take themselves...

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