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Who is the fastest player in the world

Who is the fastest player in the world ?

29 May 22

Who is the fastest player in the world ? Speed is a game-changer in any sport, and it can make a big difference in soccer when it comes to opening up the game and getting an advantage on either side of...

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Fittest Players In The World


29 Mar 22

Fittest Players In The World
Football is a demanding sport due to the 90 minute playoffs. To be fit for the games, one needs to have a great physical condition...

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3 exercises to strengthen hamstrings all football players should do

29 Nov 21

Hamstring strains are some of the most common injuries suffered by football players. A hamstring injury can see you miss four, six, eight, or more weeks of action. It is important to strengthen your hamstrings...

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Diet and Nutrition: How to get through a gruelling football season

21 Oct 21

The right diet and nutrition are key to getting through a gruelling football season. Diet and nutrition are important for muscle and mind recovery between matches and training sessions. The proper foods...

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Hamstring injuries: Football’s most common injury

25 Jul 21

Research has found that hamstring injuries are football's most common injuries. All too often, professional players pull up in training or matches with upper leg injuries and often grasp the back of their...

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Tips for your next football trial

7 Jul 21

It is the offseason for many football players which means a time of relaxing, right? Not necessarily. The offseason is the time to improve and develop your skills, especially if you are going on trial...

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The North Macedonia cone race: Fun but does it improve your football skills?

29 Jun 21

If you have been watching the Euro 2020 tournament this summer, you may have noticed North Macedonia's bizarre pre-match training routine. The training practice was new and adventurous with plenty of fans...

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Mindful meditation for athletes

8 Jun 21

Due to a focus on mental health over the last few years, mindfulness has become a buzzword used in all walks of life. Mindfulness has even made its way over to the sports world as a way for athletes to...

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Are energy drinks harmful for athlete?

2 Jan 21

There are a variety of energy drinks on the market that make a lot of claims from giving you wings to unleashing your inner beast. These caffeinated drinks have been around for some time and can be easily...

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Football training tips: Improve your game!

14 Oct 20

The football season may be underway, but that doesn't mean improving your game stops. In fact, this is the ideal time to develop skills in training and prove yourself on the pitch in a game. By improving...

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How are Bayern Munich’s players super-human fit?

28 Sep 20

Bayern Munich won the German Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League in 2019-20. They followed up their treble of trophies by winning the UEFA Super Cup.

One of the biggest differences between Bayern...

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Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

9 Jun 20

Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

Recovery is one of the keys to top performance. Professional footballers add recovery sessions to their exercise and nutrition routines...

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