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How much do football agents make ?

How much do football agents make ?

4 Jun 22

How much do football agents make ?


How much do football agents make? From Jorge Mendes to Mino Raiola, specialists have become as much commonly recognized names as the players they address....

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Serie A bans green kits

18 Jul 21

Serie A has taken the incredible step of banning teams from wearing green football kits. Yes, that is correct, Serie A will not allow teams from 2022 onwards from wearing green kits. 

The Italian top...

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Ajax melt Eredivisie trophy to make incredible gift for fans

12 May 21

Ajax have decided to share their latest Eredivisie title with their supporters in a unique way. The club recently wrapped up the 2020-21 Eredivisie championship and will now give an incredible gift to...

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5 strangest transfers in football history: We don’t want cash, just some sausage meat!

9 May 21

The most tantalizing transfers in modern football tend to centre around massive transfer fees. However, large financial fees are not the only ways players move clubs. There have been some incredibly strange...

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What is the new UEFA Conference League?

28 Apr 21

Have you heard of the new UEFA Conference League? If you haven't, don't worry as it seems to have been missed by a lot of people. The all-new tournament from UEFA will kick off during the 2021-22 season....

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What is a sporting director in football?

5 Apr 21

You may often hear the term "sporting director " used in connection with football teams. The role is a very specific one and often found in continental Europe. In Germany, the role of a sports director...

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Wear your socks like a pro: Four ways to wear your football socks

20 Mar 21

Football socks are an important part of a player's kit. Without socks, your kit isn't complete and according to the laws of the game, you need socks to play. There are multiple ways to wear your football...

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Champions League revamp set for 2024

10 Mar 21

With talk of Europe's elite football clubs ready to leave UEFA and start their own Americanised continental Super League that would see many of the same clubs compete in the competition each year, the...

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What happened to the Chinese football revolution?

1 Mar 21

Just a few years ago, it was believed China would become the new football superpower. The country, in an attempt to improve its poor national side, attempted to lure top players from around the world to...

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Forest Green Rovers go GREEN!

24 Feb 21

English League Two club, Forest Green Rovers, will become the first-ever football club to wear a jersey partially made of coffee waste. Yes, that is correct, the club will don shirts made from using recycled...

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Bizarre football stories: Shell Caribbean Cup 1994

19 Feb 21

One of the most bizarre football stories to ever occur took place at the Shell Caribbean Cup 1994. Barbados and Grenada met in a group stage qualifying match of the tournament.

Going into the game,...

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Which football club in Europe was the first to wear Nike kits?

4 Feb 21

Nike produces kits for some of the world's biggest football clubs. Liverpool, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain are just some of the major names that Nike produces kits for.

The America...

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