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Lower back pain leads to common football injuries

8 Aug 19

Lower back pain can be a small issue that becomes a larger problem for football players. The back is connected to the legs and feet, and an injury can affect all three areas. Some footballers could even...

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How to cool off when it gets hot at football training

23 Jul 19

This week, a heatwave has hit England and football teams around the country have had to alter the way they train. It doesn't take much for players to get overcome by heat. In some cases, players can suffer...

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From the top to the bottom: Gregory van der Wiel

19 Jul 19

Twelves years ago, Dutch full-back Gregory van der Wiel began his career at Ajax. After coming through the club's youth team, the young defender earned a spot in the first team and quickly solidified himself...

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Are keepie uppies important to practice?

16 Jul 19

Walk down the high streets of London, Madrid, or any major city in Europe, and you are bound to see some man or woman performing keepie uppies for an audience. These performers are quite good at their...

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Che Adams: From Non-League to Premier League

12 Jul 19

In early July, Che Adams achieved his dream of signing for a Premier League team. Southampton added the speedy forward paying £15 million to Birmingham City to land him.

Adams' signing came after a...

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Football boots: What are the differences between SG, HG, and FG football boots?

8 Jul 19

Football boots come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Boots come in different types and players need to know the difference between the various kinds they can buy.

Football boots are not just about...

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The world’s smallest football league

4 Jul 19

At the end of June, it was announced telecom giants Vodafone had agreed to sponsor the Isle of Scilly Football League. The move was giant a coup for the league especially due to it being the world's smallest...

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Football trials: 3 Tips for success

1 Jul 19

It is the time of the year in which many players go on football trials. Right now, it is the offseason for many teams and leagues, which gives players the chance to impress new clubs, coaches and scouts.


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Football toe pain and foot injuries

28 Jun 19

Your toes and feet can take an extreme beating during a football season. Broken toes, split toenails, and bone spurs are all common conditions footballers endure. Football toe pain is one of the most agonising...

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Football injuries: Ankle injuries

20 Jun 19

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is well-known for suffering ankle injuries. The Englishman missed the end of the Premier League season due to ankle ligament damage suffered against Manchester City...

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Football injuries: How to relieve muscle cramps

17 Jun 19

For many football players in the northern hemisphere, it is time for summer football matches. You may be playing in tournaments, training with your club, or trialling with a new team this summer. When...

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Introducing Real Madrid’s new Galactico: Takefusa Kubo

14 Jun 19

Every year, it seems the media claims a young footballer to be the " Messi". That is once again the claim this year as ESPN has labelled Real Madrid's latest transfer signing Takefusa Kubo as the "Japanese...

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