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New football boot sensor measures player performance

11 Jan 18

We recently wrote about a brand new football startup company called DribbleUp. The creative sports technology company created a product to help players develop their skills. Now another sports technology...

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Preparing for football trials: Training journals

9 Jan 18

It's now January, a time when football teams all over the world are looking for new football players. With a need for new talent, clubs will hold football trials to assess whether a player or players...

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Will the DribbleUp football change the way you train?

4 Jan 18

In a previous blog post we wrote about sports wearables and technology in football. Browsing the internet recently, we found a new startup company that is trying to break into the football technology...

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Football trials for midfielders – The Engine Room

26 Dec 17

The midfield is the hub of a football pitch where the ball and play constantly go through. It is the heart of a team and from which play really starts and stops. Often called the Engine Room, midfielders...

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The most iconic football boots ever made

18 Dec 17

Football boots are no longer just football boots. They are pieces of art that players wear on their feet. The days of black boots being worn by every player is gone, and most footballers, from the professional...

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Asian football teams need high-quality goal scorers

15 Dec 17

The way to win a football match is to score more goals than the opposing team. That is obvious, but there is a problem in modern Asian football that isn't so apparent. Asian football teams need high-quality...

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What is the Yorkshire national team?

11 Dec 17

If you aren't from the United Kingdom, you may have a difficult time finding Yorkshire on a map. However, there is a good chance you have heard of football clubs like Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday,...

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Football strength training

4 Dec 17

Over the last two decades, football training has changed significantly. Perhaps it's better to say that the training off the pitch has changed rather than that on it. The training that players do in the...

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What is a sports wearable and why do football clubs use them?

27 Nov 17

You may notice football players wearing strange tank top vests during training, in pregame warm-ups or even under their shirts during games. Some fans and amateur players may have questioned what these...

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Football diet: Valencia sees results turnaround thanks to food intake

23 Nov 17

Spain's Valencia are one of the country's biggest football clubs. The club have won six La Liga titles and seven Copa del Rey trophies over the years. However, in recent time, Valencia haven't seen the...

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Staying football fit during the holidays

20 Nov 17

The end of 2017 is upon us, and that means millions of people around the world will be celebrating the holidays. Football players may find it as a great time to kick back and relax after a gruelling season....

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The rise of soccer in the United States

16 Nov 17

Over the last 20-plus years, soccer has risen in the United States and players wanting to have a long career in the country now have that option. The 1994 World Cup was the first real exposure many US...

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