Become Pro – football trials advice

Football Trials Advice – Welcome to Day 1 of Become Pro

This will be tips, advice and real time experience of how to become a Pro footballer and prepare for football trials. We would do videos as well so make sure you check out our Instagram page and youtube videos.

I have tried to create this blog with the realising players who are following have studies, work or both so as a an employee of Premier Football UK, i have to manage my time to keep the bossess happy 🙂

Ok… so here we go……….


6:00 am – Gym

I am mainly focusing on core work – 40 mins

8:00 am – Breakfast

Spanish omelette – make sure we put that protein back in

9:00 am – 12:00 am – work 🙁

12:00 – 13:00 – Lunch

Making sure i get my carbs in but trying to restrict the bread intake i have got sweet potato and fruits

13:00 – 17:00 – work

Ok, its coaching work but its difficult to improve as a player when coaching

19:00 – 7 a side football.

This is an important area to focus on. Its a kick about right? Yes but can i install a professional mindset and make sure i am getting something out of it. This includes preparation and recovery. I need to make sure my warm up is better. I stretched and had an ice bath (bin with ice in).

23:00 – BED

Got to make sure i read and put the phone away.

Ok, so it was a steady start but all good 🙂


This blog is to help players preparing to become pro and prepare for football trials

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