3 Tips for Young Players at Next Football Trials

Teenagers seeking a football trial may have all the skills, speed and stamina needed to earn a contract or a spot at an academy. But those aren’t the only areas that scouts and coaches look at when signing young players. Regardless of skill, football evaluators will look for players who fit into the team and its style of play. If young players want to earn a place at a football club, they must prepare ahead of the trial.

Here are 3 tips for young players that are often overlooked, but important to keep in mind ahead of the big day.


Diet is an important part of modern day sports. Since the arrival of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, clubs all over the world have become familiar with the types of food players should or shouldn’t eat. Ahead of a trial, young players shouldn’t eat anything new or different in an attempt to gain an edge. Players should tailor their diet weeks in advance of the trial, that way their body becomes accustom to the foods and the energy levels provided. A sudden change can cause energy levels to crash and stomach problems on the day of the trial.


During a trial, a coach may want to try a player at a different position. Despite playing as a striker in youth football, a coach might see you as a wide midfielder due to your speed. You may even fit into the team’s philosophy by playing out wide or even as a central midfielder. Players should not only go into a trial with an open mind, but they should have familiarity with more than one position. Young players should train in other positions as they build-up to a trial. As modern football is far more fluid and players change positions regularly, it is a great way to impress the scouts and coaches.

Know about the club

Sounds simple, but many trialists don’t know much about the club they are training with. Yes, that does sound silly, but a player should know how the senior team at the club plays tactically. Is it 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 3-5-2? By knowing how the senior team plays, you will know how the academy teams play too. You may also realise that the club doesn’t necessarily play to your strengths as a player. Therefore, you need to work very hard to show just what they are missing.

These 3 tips may be overlooked by many young players, but they can improve your game and earn you that contract.