3 tips to prevent ankle injuries in football

Ankle injuries in football are a part of the game. Due to defensive players continually lunging at your feet and ankles, you are bound to suffer some type of injury during your career.

Ankle injuries in football are some of the most common issues that keep players on the sidelines. Our blog looks at 3 tips to prevent ankle injuries in football.

One-legged balance

Balancing on one leg can improve your ankle strength and balance. This will help you slalom through defenders like Lionel Messi during his Barcelona heyday. Stand on one leg for 10 to 20 seconds. If this is too easy, increase the amount of time you spend on one leg. If this is still too easy, close your eyes and raise your hands straight above your head to increase difficulty.

Calf raises

Calf raises are great ankle strengthening exercises. You don’t need weights or any specialised equipment. The muscles and ligaments will get stronger over time by doing calf raises. The muscle and ligaments around the ankle joint will get stronger, making it possible to take that tackle from a defender. Calf raises will also improve your ankle strength, so you don’t roll your foot when planting to make a move past a defender.

Toe curls

Using a rolled-up towel, you can complete toe curls at home to improve ankle strength. While standing up, place a towel across your foot and curl it toward your head by lifting your toes. By completing toe curls, you make the small muscles and ligaments in your foot stronger.

Ankle training

By doing ankle strength training at night after football or school, you can prevent ankle injuries in football. Minor ankle injuries can take a few days or weeks to return from. However, serious ankle injuries can take as long as a year to return from. Football great Marco van Basten had so many ankle injuries, his career was cut short. It is important to take care of your ankles, so they take care of you.